Forestry Services

If forestry is left untended it can endanger other plants or even animals on your land. If trees become diseased because they have not been treated, they often need to be felled and this affects the rest of the forest environment.

Surrey Forestry offer a forestry service which helps you maintain a forest to keep it healthy and create a safe environment for wildlife and visitors alike. We liaise with the Forestry Commission and local authorities and ensure all work is carried out to protect and preserve local environments and ecosystems.

Our services can be tailored to meet your needs and we undertake all work from start to finish.

Some of the services you may require that we offer are:

  • Thinning. This not only helps the tree maintain a natural shape, but it encourages light penetration to the ground below.
  • Clear Fell. This removes some of the lower branches which not only creates more space but helps allow more light through too.
  • Coppicing. This reduces the overall size of the tree if it has grown too big.
  • Pruning and Pollarding. This removes the top-most sections of a tree’s main branches which encourage it to grow healthier foliage.
  • Tree planting and establishment. This creates a healthy environment right from the start and we offer routine maintenance to ensure your forest stays healthy.
  • Woodland maintenance and vegetation clearance. These are vital to keep your forest environment healthy, as well as make it a safe environment for visitors.
  • Tree Felling. We try to maintain a healthy tree, but in cases where they have to be felled we can use sectional dismantling as a safe option. Any stumps can be removed with our stump grinding machine.

We are happy to provide free initial surveys, arboriculture reports and written quotations for any of our forestry services in the Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent areas and all locations in and around the M25.