Seasoned Logs Bulk Bag


  • 250 logs per bulk bag (mix of Ash, Silver Birch, Oak and Sycamore)
  • Less than 15% moisture content
  • Local, sustainably sourced wood from Surrey woodlands
  • Each log is 15-20cm in length
  • This price includes national delivery


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Surrey Forestry take great pride in the sustainability of our work. Almost 100% of the wood we generate is recycled. What isn’t turned into planks on our sawmill, goes into woodchip for biomass or mulch or it is dried in our kiln and processed into firewood.

All of our wood is responsibly and ethically sourced from the estates and woodlands we manage in and around Surrey.

Our seasoned are air dried for two years until they have a less than 20% moisture content, ensuring a healthy fire, every burn. Surrey Forestry seasoned logs are suitable for open fires, chimineas and wood burning stoves.

The wood is all local hardwood. We provide Ash, Silver Birch, Oak and Sycamore.

Bulk bags contain 250 logs approximately 8 x 4 inch big.

Surrey Forestry are proud to have a low carbon footprint to pass on to our customers.