Keepers Cottage Demolition

It may seem unusual for a forestry company to be knocking down houses, but in actual fact, we’ve got the perfect machinery. In addition to our kit, our experience of working in difficult locations, tearing down unstable objects at great heights, clearing ditch, ponds, and land,  means we relied upon to work efficiently and on […]

Puttenham Golf Club – Making Timber Pay

We were originally asked to assess works at the 1894 established Puttenham Golf Course based on whether there would be enough financial yield in timber to pay for other groundworks and woodland management that the club required. The project was substantial enough for the club to take advantage of this opportunity so we got to […]

The Fight Against Ash Dieback

Surrey Forestry are focussed on doing all that we can to fight Ash Dieback. Looking at the speed our Ash are being infected it comes as no surprise that landowners and councils are now facing an extreme amount of pressure to combat the disease as quickly as they can and we fully understand the implications […]

Woking Golf Club – Heathland Restoration Project

The beginning of 2019 has seen Surrey Forestry working on the first stage of a key heathland restoration project. The works took place at Woking Golf Club, Surrey’s oldest golf club, a club which is proudly celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Woking Golf Club is a stunning course, originally designed by the historic heathland […]

Tollgate Farm Timber Frame House Construction

In 2016, Surrey Forestry took on our biggest challenges to date. A labour of love, we felled, milled and built a house with approximately one hundred English Oak trees all originally growing from Mornshill Wood in Bookham. A site just a few miles down the road from the location of the new house at Surrey [...]

Lake Clearance & Coppicing, Farnham, Surrey

Clearing waters as well as land is work we have become accustomed to at Surrey Forestry. Ponds and lakes need just as much management and maintenance as land, so for many private landowners, trusts, developers and public organisations throughout Surrey and the South East, Surrey Forestry are the go to provider for a full scope […]

Land Clearance, Effingham, Surrey

The Surrey Forestry woodland management service is focussed on enhancing the diversity of woodland habitat. This includes allowing light into the woods to reach the woodland floor, crucial to healthy plants, insects, birds and mammals. Woodlands need professional management in order to keep trees and land in optimum health. This optimises land value for access, […]

APF Forestry Show, Warwickshire

Last week Surrey Forestry took some of our equipment on the road to show at the APF Forestry Show in Warwickshire.

Tree Felling – Effingham Golf Course, Surrey

Now is an integral time of year for golf course management as the trees are entering their dormant season. Sadly, not all trees just require tree surgery. We do all that we can to keep trees healthy and strong but sometimes there no other option but felling. Unfortunately we recently had to fell this impressive [...]

Wood Chip – Bocketts Farm, Surrey

Here at Surrey Forestry we are passionate about recycling and sustainability. So much so that one of our services is to manage and clear your woodland and recycle it into wood chip biomass fuel. Converting forested waste wood into wood chip ensures the avoidance of harmful gases methane and carbon dioxide. It also results in [...]

Land Drain Project – Hampshire

We have just completed this 450 metres long Land Drain with pond over flow. We used 300mm perforated pipe rapped in Teram membrane to avoid sediment blockage which was then covered in 20mm shingle. The reason for the drain, the road was flooding so we diverted it and used the pond as an over flow.  [...]

Wishanger Manor – Hindhead, Surrey

This was a 20 acre site which the owner was looking for help in getting his all his trees in to good condition and turning the areas which had become overgrown with bracken into more a useable paddock/garden area…

Chasemore Farm, Cobham, Surrey

This was a 300 acre brand new stud farm where the owner needed help with managing the woodland areas alongside the equestrian paddocks. We carried out large scale crown thinning across a wide variety…

Whiteley Village, Surrey

This was a 200 acre site consisting of two projects. The first being a 300 + trees removal,deadwooding etc. This was over the entire village site in all the habitual area’s where the residents living…