Puttenham Golf Club – Making Timber Pay

We were originally asked to assess works at the 1894 established Puttenham Golf Course based on whether there would be enough financial yield in timber to pay for other groundworks and woodland management that the club required.

The project was substantial enough for the club to take advantage of this opportunity so we got to work which has included removal of a Douglas Fir plantation. We will continue to thin out the course over the next three years. It has become quite overgrown in places and a light deficiency is affecting all the trees, fairways and greens.

The trees are small due to poor woodland management over the past 50 years which means that most of the timber will be going into biomass woodchip. We are fully sustainable foresters and don’t waste a twig by working this way.

Many golf courses and estate landowners struggle to finance imperative works to their land in order to keep their courses and woodland to the highest and healthiest standards. Working with Surrey Forestry to not only fell but also sell on timber is a cost effective opportunity to achieve the significant works and woodland management required.

For more information on how to make your timber yield help finance your forestry and groundworks contact us today and we will be more than happy to come down and make a free assessment.