Land Clearance, Effingham, Surrey

The Surrey Forestry woodland management service is focussed on enhancing the diversity of woodland habitat. This includes allowing light into the woods to reach the woodland floor, crucial to healthy plants, insects, birds and mammals.

Woodlands need professional management in order to keep trees and land in optimum health. This optimises land value for access, wildlife and economy. Woodland management requires an organised strategy to enhance biodiversity and access management. Woodland management is one of our key specialist areas. Therefore, with over 25 years of experience you can be assured your woodland is in good hands.

Scrubland containing problem plants often require clearance. The new space is a good use for suitable livestock, as illustrated in this post by a project we recently undertook in Effingham transforming scrubland into a paddock. Prior to clearance the land was unusable and inaccessible. In ten days of work we had excavated, seeded and fenced this two acre site, ready for this attractive new paddock to develop.

Working with responsible woodland owners across Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire, our forestry services include valuable land and glade clearance to establish healthy space for young trees to grow. We also carry out planting and protection of young trees and other plants. Our woodland management service also includes: thinning, pruning and coppicing, pollarding, felling and stump grinding, dealing with problem plants and diseased trees.

Surrey Forestry are proud to offer a 100% sustainable service. We have the forestry equipment to to reuse 99% of your waste wood because we are passionate about the environment and protecting our green spaces and ancient trees for future generations to enjoy. We create woodchip for mulch and biomass fuel from your waste wood. We also produce firewood logs which can be seasoned and kiln-dried in our kiln and returned for your own use and distribution. We have a sawmill to plank your trees to be used for construction projects and fencing. Finally, hedge management is also part of this service.

The most efficient way to manage your woodland is to ask us to do a forestry survey and woodland management plan, because of our vast experience we will suggest the most relevant maintenance to get your woods to optimum health. We will also advise you on relevant felling licences and responsibilities you have as an owner towards protected species (such as bats, badgers and woodpeckers) on your land. For more information please email or telephone 01483 285 951.