Tree Felling – Effingham Golf Course, Surrey

Now is an integral time of year for golf course management as the trees are entering their dormant season. Sadly, not all trees just require tree surgery. We do all that we can to keep trees healthy and strong but sometimes there no other option but felling. Unfortunately we recently had to fell this impressive Beech tree at Effingham Golf Club which had Giant Polypore (Meripilus) infestation.

The main signature tree on the 18th hole also has early stages of Meripilus which is a real shame and we will be returning later this winter for some large-scale planting that will now be required.

Luckily, the from the Beech tree wood won’t go to waste. The healthy section will be turned into wood chip biomass fuel and fire wood. The main butt was badly diseased but it could be used by wood turners to create stunning spalted beech carvings.

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