Wood Chip – Bocketts Farm, Surrey

Here at Surrey Forestry we are passionate about recycling and sustainability. So much so that one of our services is to manage and clear your woodland and recycle it into wood chip biomass fuel. Converting forested waste wood into wood chip ensures the avoidance of harmful gases methane and carbon dioxide. It also results in providing you will a product that can be reused as wood chip biomass fuel or wood chip mulch. True sustainability.

The much-loved Bocketts Farm in Surrey are one of our customers who are as passionate about recycling as we are. We are often found on farms and country estates chipping and storing the wood chip for our customers to dry before use as biomass fuel or wood chip mulch.

As well as biomass and mulch, wood chip is extremely useful for protecting against soil erosion and building up where erosion has already occurred. Wood chip is also a creative and cost effective way to create or protect walkways, borders and play area surfacing. When space is an issue we can also take the round wood off site to our own plant to chip and return it to our customers for reuse if required.

Providing all the relevant services under one roof to reduce our customers carbon footprint as well as our own is something we are extremely proud of here at Surrey Forestry. Producing wood chip biomass fuel is a large part of what we do. We have the machinery to do deliver fast and efficient results often include this service as part of our woodland management. Please visit our woodland management webpage for more information about this service.