Surrey Forestry offers private individuals, landowners, architects, landscapers, developers and builders an efficient and reliable mobile sawmill service for hardwood timber such as oak, ash and beech and softwood timber such as yew, cypress and pine.

The service of contracting a sawmill can be time consuming and expensive. Especially when it includes the cost of transporting your sawlogs to be milled in a sawmill and then having the finished wood transported and returned back to your building project. We help reduce this cost for all our clients based in the Surrey (and throughout the South East) by using our state of the art Serra Alpina mobile sawmill. Our portable sawmill allows us to come to you to complete all work on site. Allowing you to get started on your project as soon as possible.

Surrey Forestry can cut all sawlogs to your exact specifications, from 90cm in length up to 7 metres, either with our mobile sawmill on site or at our own farm and warehouse.  This means your previously felled trees can be turned in to planks, beams and poles to be used in floors, garden rooms, car ports, decking, gates, fences, beams, extensions, house building, cabins, porches, roofing, arm rails, sheds, gazebos, furniture…as well as the many other uses.

Timber is a strong and versatile commodity and we can help you get the best result for your sawmilling project with the minimum of waste. Your project will be as close to zero waste as we can help you make it, whilst making sure you also understand how to handle and treat the wood to preserve it.

Surrey Forestry are specialists in sawmilling and supporting the construction of oak timber framed house building. We work closely with oak framed design companies in Surrey and throughout the South East to help projects successfully complete on time and on budget.

No matter how large or small your project is we are happy to discuss your requirements, please contact us and we will provide you with a competitive, non-obligatory quote.