Tree Surgery

The tree surgeons at Surrey Forestry are experienced and will offer the best solutions for maintaining healthy trees on your property.  Whether you’re looking to remove diseased trees, replant or maintain your trees, we can provide the best service for you.

Many people feel that the only option for larger trees which have outgrown your property is to fell them. We can offer a range of services which can help to prolong the life of the tree.

  • Crown Reduction. Crown reduction is also called reshaping. This method involves cutting back the outside branches which reshapes the tree and reduces the size. The advantage of this means the tree will not only have a good shape, but it will leave the tree with a stronger framework of branches which help support smaller branches.
  • Crown Thinning. This is a good method of reducing the density of the tree. Branches are removed equally along the crown, leaving a tree which provides more light and allows the wind to blow through it more easily.
  • Pollarding requires specialist management. By removing the top-most section of a tree, is encourages it to grow a healthier head of foliage. This method also prevents trees from growing so large that they interfere with overhead cables or street lights.
  • Felling. If a tree is diseased or likely to cause structural damage to a property, then felling may be the only option. Where space is limited we use sectional dismantling. This means each part of the tree is removed piece by piece so there is no risk of damaging neighbouring properties.
  • Stump Grinding. Tree stumps can look unsightly so we can grind them down to remove them. Any wood chip this creates is taken away and recycled.
  • Hedge Trimming. We can provide a hydraulic platform for large hedges, as well as services for smaller hedges. We even have topiary specialists if you want to make your hedge stand out.
  • Planting and establishment. Planting new trees needs careful planning and our tree surgeons can help. We will ensure they are well spaced to allow for growth, and make sure they are properly established so they do not cause problems.

As well as this we can also help with landscaping projects, fencing, groundworks and we even provide logs and mulch.