Vegetation Clearance

Vegetation clearance is often needed as part of a development project or to begin the process of an ongoing maintenance plan for forestry and woodland management. This is something which cannot be undertaken lightly and requires a professional approach.

When clearing vegetation, we at Surrey Forestry understand the impact this can have on the local and surrounding environment, and we take this very seriously. Clearing vegetation can have a huge impact on local wildlife, leaving some if it potentially homeless. As part of our service we include animal mitigation, something not many other companies offer.

Before we start we conduct extensive surveys and provide detailed reports with risk assessments. We only use ethical working practices and specialist machinery, as this has the least impact on the ecosystems. If we have to use and weed killers, we only use ethical herbicides as these cause less damage to wildlife and surrounding vegetation.

If wildlife is an issue, we take great care with everything we do. Grass can be home to many small animals, so even grass cutting is carried out with caution. For larger areas we use phased cutting. This reduces the height in stages, rather than cutting it all down in one go. This allows us to find, capture and relocate any animals to ensure their safety.

We also use our expertise to offer you advice. If you have species-poor habitats such as coniferous plants, we can clear these and replant the area with a more suitable species.  Every location we visit has its own unique ecosystem, and this is always considered before we begin any work.

If our work is likely to have an impact on surrounding properties, we will notify any residents of the work we will be doing and the effect it may have on them while it is being carried out. We also undertake to inform the Forestry Commission of any work which they need to be notified about.

Before vegetation clearance

Before land clearance began

After vegetation clearance

Quick and efficient land clearance ready for planting or building